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How To Spring Clean Your HDB in 2016

Spring cleaning is a yearly activity that is done by almost all the people in Singapore on yearly basis. Some people take the help of cleaning services while cleaning their houses while many other people prefer do clean their hdb home by themselves. If you are planning to the do the spring cleaning for your hdb home like an expert and you have no intention to take professional cleaning services, then following are few suggestions that can surely help you in this requirement in really easy ways.

Get rid of unused stuff: When you try to clean your hdb home, it is a wise idea that you get rid of everything that you do not use in your house. If you will keep unused or unattended material in your home, then you will not be able to do proper spring cleaning for your HDB home. So, if you want to get result like professional cleaning services does, then you shall remove all kind junk and unwanted stuff from them. This will be certainly the best way for you to have good result in spring cleaning work.

Start it as early as possible: This is another important thing that you need to keep in your mind at the time of spring cleaning your hdb home. If you will try to finish the spring cleaning work on last minute basis then you will never be able to get better result with it in any condition. At the other hand, if you will start the spring cleaning work having some extra time in your hand, then you will not have to worry about the delay part. In that case, you will be able to do the cleaning work in much better way and ou will not face any other trouble as well. So, make sure you keep this thing also in your mind to get the result like cleaning services can provide to you for your HDB home cleaning.

Make a plan for the cleaning: This is another important thing that you must do to for spring cleaning of your HDB home. If you will try to clean the HDB home having no proper plan then you may not get good result with it at all. In other side if you will have a proper plan for the cleaning work then chances are really high that you will be able to have professional cleaning services like result in easy ways. In this plan, you should prioritize things for cleaning, you should know what to keep what to throw and you should also make steps for same. Also, need to make sure that do step by step spring cleaning for better and effective result

Know proper steps for cleaning: If you will clean your carpet before cleaning the ceiling fan, then you will never get good result in your spring cleaning work. However, if you will just reverse the process and if you will clean your walls, ceiling, ceiling fan and curtain before cleaning the carpet, then you will be able to reduce your work and you will get better result as well. All the professional cleaning services follow the proper steps for cleaning, and it is advised that you should also follow those rules while spring cleaning your hdb home.

Clean one area at a time: Indeed, your hdb home may not be very big, but spring cleaning work is not an easy thing and sometime you may need to clean so many things in it. This could be a really time consuming process and sometime you may end up investing your entire day in cleaning of one area. To deal with such situation, you should dvide your hdb home in few parts and you should clean one area at a time. With this step you will be able to have really good result and you will have less stress also in the cleaning work. So, follow this rule as well in your hdb hom spring cleaning work.

Identify the correct solution: Professional cleaning services always believe on the right tools and cleaning solutions for better cleaning and if you want to have result like they get, then you also need to follow this rule. If you will do spring cleaning work for your hdb home, then it is advised that you identify the correct tools and cleaning solution for same. When you will do it then you will be able to have really good result and you will be getting fantastic outcome with the cleaning work. So, it is strongly recommended that you get the right kind of tools and cleaning agents for better spring cleaning work in easy ways.

Do not ignore hidden places: Sometime people clean all those places that are visible to them, but they ignore those places that are less visible to them. If you will have such mistake then you may not get the desired outcome in your spring cleaning work and you will have a misty smell in your hdb home even after cleaning work is done. Professional cleaning services never make this kind of mistake and I would suggest the same thing to you as well. When you do spring cleaning work for your hdb home, then make sure you clean each and every corner including those that are hidden for you. This will help you get better outcome in smart manner and you will not have bad smell also in your house.

Get help if needed: This is the most important step that you need to remember while spring cleaning your hdb home. Many people try to do the cleaning work having no help at all. This is not a good practice and sometime you may need help from other people. If you are not willing to take the help of professional cleaning services, then you can assign some work to your family members and you can take their help. That means it is advised that if you are in need of some help for cleaning work then you should take the help as per your requirement.

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What Are The Cleaning Material Needed For Part Time Maid?

When you hire a part time maid for cleaning of your house, then you may have so many questions and concerns about the services and related things. In this process many people keep on wondering about the cleaning material that people need to give to their part time maid and they search for its answer on the internet and various other places as well. In case, you are getting your part time maid from a trustworthy agency, then you will not need to worry about the cleaning material part because your agency will do the needful for same. But if you are keen to know about those materials that you need to give to your part time maid for cleaning, then following are some details that can help you in this requirement.

A simple broom: You might be having a good quality vacuum cleaner in your house and your part time maid would surly love to use the vacuum cleaner, but a simple broom is one of the most basic cleaning material that your maid would need to do her work. I am saying this because a number of cleaning work can be there that you cannot do with any other tool expect a broom and that’s why you’re your maid would need it. In some cases, she might need more than one broom dedicated for different areas of your home such as kitchen, bathroom, living rooms and outdoor area.

Dusting gloves: Dusting of your furniture and other stuff comes under the work domain of your part time maid and you need to provide material for that work as well. In a normal situation you can do that with a dusting cloth and your maid will also not have any issue using that dusting clothe. But if we talk about the professional services, then they prefer to use special dusting cloths for this work because they get better result with that in less time. That means you may need to provide dusting gloves as cleaning material to your part time maid for better cleaning in your home.

Floor mop: In order to disinfect your room using some good quality disinfectant you need to mop the floor in its solution. That means you will need to give a floor mop also to your par time maid in this list of cleaning material so you can get better and hygienic cleaning with it. Also, you may need to change the floor mop at a regular interval else it will have germs and bacteria’s in it and instead of a proper cleaning you will end up having a lot of harmful germs and microbes on your floor. Therefore, I can say flooring mop is another cleaning material that you will need to give to your part time maid for cleaning in your house.

Scrubber: Weather you take good care in your house or not, you will get some kind of stains or marks in your home. These marks can be in your bathroom, in your room, or in your basin. To remove these marks or stains you will need to rub it using a good quality scrubber and that is another cleaning material that you will have to provide to your part time maid. Also, when you will give this scrubber then you may need to give more than one scrubber for each place to maintain the hygiene in the best possible manner. 

Cleaning solution: Cleaning any place without a good quality cleaning solution is almost an impossible task and your part time maid would also need it for cleaning in your house. This cleaning material may include cleaning agent, disinfectant, smelling solution and other things in it. Other than that you will also need solution for cleaning of your toilet and similar other dirty areas. And when you will hire a part time maid from a non reputable agency then you will need to provide these things also to her to have better cleaning in your home. 

Toilet brush: Your toilet would always get dirty and it will get so many stains in it and you will be able to clean it only by using a good quality toilet brush. Here, I don’t have to explain it again that this toilet brush also comes under the category of regular cleaning material and you will need to give that also to your par time maid. So, in this list of cleaning material you can add this brush as well.
Vacuum cleaner: It true that you pay money to your part time maid for cleaning in your house, but it doesn’t means she is a replacement of vacuum cleaner. 

When you hire a part time maid then she does the cleaning for you with all the best cleaning material that you can afford and vacuum cleaner is one of the most basic cleaning material. That means you will need to provide this also to her to have quick cleaning and if you cannot afford the vacuum cleaner then you will need to share the details before hiring a part time maid for cleaning of your home.

Safety gears: When you will do the cleaning of your home then you would always prefer to use all the essential safety gear and you will have t provide those gears to your part time maid as well. That means you will need to get her rubber gloves, face mask, apron and similar other things. Some of your may also say that these things are not a part of cleaning material, but for her your maid’s safety you need to provide her else you may get complication with that. 

In addition to these common things, some other cleaning material may also be there that you may need to give to your part time maid for cleaning of your home. That is why if you are planning to hire a part time maid for your home, I would suggest you to choose an agency that offer the services with all the material needed for cleaning of your home so you can have less complication with it.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Fascinating Tips for a Post Renovation Cleaning

Fascinating Tips for a Post Renovation Cleaning

Post renovation cleaning involves dealing with all the dust and waste materials resulting from refurbishment. When on a mission to beautify a house or home compound, there results in a lot of debris and worn out parts. After the renovation process, it becomes necessary to clear up the mess and debris so that the house and the compound look neat.

Most house owners in Singapore are outsourcing these services to different cleaning and home improvement companies which offer well-defined packages for both interiors and exterior home improvement. Renovation involves some of the following activities replacing old and broken knobs; air filters and Aircon replacements, general uplift of the whole house including lavatory and bathrooms. Thus, post renovation activities involve removing the resulting mess from repair and renovation work. Cleaning may involve the following areas and places, grills and window, gates and doors, balcony cleaning, cabinets, shelves, bathrooms, kitchens, floors, ceiling and walls.

Post renovation cleaning can be done by the homeowner, outsourced to third parties, hire a part time maid to help in sorting out things or hire a technician for the technical bit. If hiring the services of third party, it is advisable to consider the following tips:

· Label the items in the house before the cleanup process starts. This makes it easier to look for items in case you hire professional or third parties to do the renovation cleaning.

· Choose a team which uses environment: -friendly cleaning products. Since the house is a little messy after the renovation, the cleaner may be tempted to use hard detergents with scouring effects in order to remove the stains. While it may remove the stains, it can also affect the natural coloring of the area being cleaned for example furniture and carpets. It is always good to use organic, natural products which are eco-friendly and which have no strong smell since some people are highly sensitive to smell and asthmatic. Use of detergents with no smell if possible is encouraged.

· Choose a team with integrity, since post cleaning involves having access to many areas of the house by total strangers, it is always good to look for cleaners who have a good reputation and are able to provide an account of any missing item or at least offer the reason for its removal.

· Check for licenses and authorization documents from relevant authorities so that you avoid dealing with unqualified service providers. Also confirm their work permits and badges.

Regardless of whether you are hiring a cleaning company or doing the clean up for yourself, the following tips are important in order to do the cleaning easily and with ease.

· Have safety precautions in place to avoid bruises or any other body harm. Use hand gloves which are resistant to chemicals, head helmets, dust coats, overalls, protective goggles and respiratory protection masks.

· Start by removing all the big part and large debris like woods, metals, cut out clothes and fallen, soft boards. This ensures that all the places which had been blocked by them can be easily accessed and thus it becomes easy to sort the rest of the things easily.

· Clean up the lighting system and bulbs area so that you work on a fully lighted place. This will help you see even the finer particles. A well-lighted place reduces the risk of harm and improves the cleaning process efficiency.

· Trim all loose ends so that the probability of materials falling from either the ceiling or the walls are minimal. This reduces redundancy and repeat of work during the cleaning process. If dangling materials are not cut off, they might keep falling even after cleaning and also pose a security threat.

· Start cleaning the house and end with the outside compound. While doing the inside cleaning, always start with the ceiling coming down the wall to the floor. Use dump clothes to wipe down any sticky materials on the wall.

· Sweep the floor before having a vacuum on it, this helps to remove the larger particles. Fully vacuum the floor and even run the horse pipe on the wall and the ceilings to get rid of any dust which might have been blown up again. Mop the already vacuumed floor to get rid of the fine dust waste matters which may have escaped the sweeping stick.

· When it comes to mirrors, windows, glass furniture and shower stalls use squeegees and microfiber cloth since these give a soft finishing. Use vinegar and water to make the cleaning solution. First clean in a circular manner followed by vertical swipes and finish with horizontal swipes to give the glass a good shining. It is recommended to use distilled water as it has fewer chances of leaving behind streaks.

· Cabinets and drawers cleaning, it is always good to use the minimum amount of water when cleaning. Water in metal cabinets can cause rust and in wooden cabinets it can cause dampness which can lead to molds growing. For metal cabinets, be careful not to use the baking soda as it is corrosive to metal. Otherwise for wooden cabinets, baking soda can be used to remove heavy stains. Vinegar or liquid detergents can be used on both. For grease build up areas, use ammonia, and water mixture but ammonia should be in a mild state.

· Showers taps, bathtubs, basins and even the toilet should be cleaned thoroughly. Use scrub brushes to scour the surface and in case there are hard stains, use thinner or methyl spirit. Finally, rinse with a soft lofty cotton towel which is not water soaked.

· When it comes to the exterior areas, start by sweeping the whole compound to remove out blunt and large objects on the pavements and balcony pathways. The compound is the judging point of how the inner house is from the outside world perspective.

· On the part of the bedroom and the sitting room, beds, bedding plus chairs should be vacuumed and in case any water or a liquid stain had fallen on the fabric cover, always blot out. Avoid using chemical detergents on these unless extremely important since the smell can be irritating while sleeping on the bed or relaxing on a chair. Thus, since this is a sensitive part of the Post renovation cleaning process, it is one of the areas which are recommended to be outsourced to a professional. Singapore has numeral companies which do professional Post renovation cleaning.

· After you are done with the cleaning, most of the moving parts will have lost their lubrication due to use of chemicals, consider lubricating all the door hinges and gates locks to reduce wear and tear associated with sliding parts.

· Read the maintenance manuals for the newly fitted pieces of equipment and gadgets to ensure that all the necessary precautions are followed in order to maintain the original functionality.

· Entrance gate sections, the pavements and driveways should be checked well for any objects which might have fallen during the renovation process, for example, the nails and metallic objects. Clear out the sand deposits on the pathways since they can cause sliding and eventual harm.

Finally after doing all the Post renovation cleaning, keep checking back after every once in a while to ensure that any recurring dirt and dust are cleaned off. Select the company with the best waste disposal mechanism or if personally doing the cleaning, always follow the waste disposal criteria required. A certification by Singapore institution of safety officers is always recommended.

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