Monday, 6 October 2014

Can Air Conditioner Make You Dizzy?

Yes, air conditioner can make you dizzy due to increase in the level of pollutants in the indoor air of the premises where it is normally used excessively. Air conditioners are popularly used in Singapore due to the environmental conditions in the country. People are so much concerned about the comfort provided by their aircon that they hardly think that it can also adversely affect their health. In fact air conditioner is not only a boon for Singaporeans but a bane also. In order to understand the health hazards of air conditioners you will have to go through this write up.

According to various studies held by Environmental Protection Agency in recent past, more contaminants are found in the indoor air as compared to outdoor, especially where air conditioners are used most of the times. They have found 2 to 5 times more pollution in the indoor air of the premises as compared to its outside air due to the use of air conditioners.

Why aircon makes you sick?

Accumulation of pollutants: Due to environmental conditions aircons are excessively used in Singapore which creates more pollution in the indoor air. Whenever you turn on your central air conditioning system the toxins collected in the duct flow in to your room and pollute its environment. The viruses, bacteria, fungi, pollen, dust mites and various other contaminants collected in the duct work increase in number with the passage of time. If your duct work is leaky then it also absorbs the pollutants from outside. All of these pollutants are supplied to the indoor air through cool air of air conditioner and can make you sick.

Insufficient ventilation: Homes and offices where air conditioners are usually used are kept tightly closed to avoid the entry of hot and humid air from outside. This insufficient ventilation can also increase the level of pollution in the indoor air which can also increase the chances of your health problems.

The quality of indoor air in Singapore is prone to make you sick as most of the Singaporeans spend their almost 90% of their time in air conditioned environment. This polluted indoor air can make even worse condition for the people already suffering from respiratory problems, allergies and various other health issues. Moreover sometimes the affect of polluted indoor air becomes obvious several years after though the symptoms polluted air are created at present.

Signs of polluted indoor air due to aircon
You can be alert for several health problems if you notice that the quality of your indoor air is poor due to the excessive use of aircon. Commonly observed symptoms of the polluted indoor air are runny nose, irritation in eyes, watering and itchy eyes, throat soreness, dizzy feeling, fatigue, scratchy throat, sneezing, headaches, respiratory problem, skin rashes etc.

Improving the quality of indoor air
Inspection of duct work: If central aircon is fitted in the premises where you work or live then its duct work should be inspected and cleaned frequently and regularly so that the pollutants collected in it can be removed easily and timely. The re-growth of the pollutants and molds after cleaning the duct work can be prevented by fitting UV lamps in it. if the duct work is leaking then it should be sealed immediately so that it can not absorb the pollutants from outside. Repair of duct will not only reduce the chances of contamination of indoor air but also cut your power consumption as cracks in it allow cool air to escape out.

Installation of air purifier: Installation of a high quality air purifier or air cleaner in your air con can also reduce the chances of indoor air contamination which can make you sick along with comforting you from the hot and humid environment of Singapore. These air cleaners will filter the incoming air to remove the airborne pollutants and make the quality of the air in your room better. Contaminants like pollens, spores, bacteria, viruses and dust can be removed up to 98% from your indoor air with the use of a high quality air purifier.

Thus your aircon can make you dizzy and sick due to over contamination of the indoor air which can be controlled with some careful steps.